Commitment of in Israel

For a free trade of economic goods with Israel GmbH & Co.KG is committed to respect, sovereignty and freedom in trade relations with Israel.

We advocate free trade with Israel and strongly oppose the existing discriminatory trade restrictions of certain Israeli products from allegedly "occupied territories".

In view of the historical injustice inflicted on the Jews 60 years ago, we express with our commitment that the BDS campaign is based on unclean and unsustainable facts.

In our relationship with Israel, we would like to work towards making truthful, fact-based reporting a matter of course again in Germany. We stand for reporting based on facts and not on "disguised" anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. We firmly oppose any discrediting of Jewish products in Germany!

Pure joy of life, just like that, in the middle of Jerusalem!

Our Israel Project

Due to our personal, deep connection to Israel, we plan to invest a part of our company's profits in Israel, in aid projects. This is currently structured as follows:

  • We have founded a "Public nonprofit organization", "LIONS GATE - House of Refael", a non-profit organization in Israel. "LIONS GATE - House of Refael" was registered on April 21, 2020, "Holocaust Remembrance Day", by the competent authority of the Israeli government. The non-profit Ltd. takes care of so-called "Lone Soldiers", lonely soldiers who come from all over the world to do their military service in Israel. Alone without a family, coming from different cultural backgrounds, i.e. torn out of their familiar social and cultural environment, this often leads to considerable burdens, which in the past often drove young people to suicide.

We want to provide lonely soldiers with a "soft landing" to recognize the unique beauty of Israel, which encourages them to consider making Israel their home after IDF service.

Thank you for your interest.


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