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We have been recruiting nursing specialists for institutions and hospitals throughout Germany since 2009. Our headquarters are located in the beautiful Chiemgau region. With a particular focus on fair, personal and partnership-based cooperation and maximum legal clarity with your interests in mind, you, too, will benefit from our experience and expertise.

Joachim Bambach
Managing Partner
Certified Nurse Practitioner and Specialist in Public Administration


The of company history:

Joachim Bambach, founder and Managing Director of GmbH & Co. KG, offers you a brief insight into the origins of the agency:

‘Up until 2009, I myself worked as a freelance nursing specialist in a variety of fields. Through my work, I amassed quite a bit of experience – and unfortunately, not all of it was positive. An unclear legal situation, annoyed placement agencies, no contact to approach if problems arose, e.g. with billing for my fees. I began to sense a desire – I simply wanted to do it better. I was intrigued by the challenge of meeting this expectation and discovering the kind of potential, experience, expertise and skills I had to offer.

After earning my school-leaving certificate [Abitur], I completed three years of training in the higher levels of the public sector, gaining a status equivalent to that of a specialist in public administration. This was followed by more than 20 years’ experience in a very wide variety of fields in nursing.

As I grew older, I was no longer able to get along with the conditions of my clinical environment, even though I brought a great deal of joy and passion to my profession. I began to sense a desire to seek new professional opportunities, and I set out on an adventurous career journey based on the motto: ‘discover your potential’. ... The step into self-employment is one I have never regretted.


There is much that I am still learning:

  • That I have much more potential to offer than I always used to think I had.

  • That autonomous, independent work at the highest levels can be great fun.

  • That it is actually possible to work in a way I always used to wish for in vain.

  • For all those who want to make the same kinds of discoveries, I have good news: discover the potential you’ve got inside of you!

This is how Netzwerk-Pflege24 GmbH & Co. KG was founded in January 2009, first focussing exclusively on placement services for freelance nursing specialists with a concentration in team nursing.

In the face of increasing pressures by DRV (the German pension insurance scheme) in combination with at times random-seeming dealings to the detriment of freelancers in nursing and the detriment of hospitals, we first came up with a way to counter this problem in a fundamental way with FreelanceSecure, a ‘quality-management document system’. This system helps customers and contractors implement the criteria for self-employment in the real world.

Ultimately, we had to acknowledge that the intended disinformation and confusion in the German hospital sector was able to take root more effectively than we first thought possible. We do not expect to see a political or binding legal regulation for the benefit of freelance nursing until some time during the period between 2018 and 2020. With this in mind, in February 2014 we decided to also offer employee secondment for our freelance nursing specialists and our customers nationwide. Along the path towards high-quality employee secondment, it dawned on us that this was not an ‘unavoidable’ evasion but instead a demanding challenge for our social expertise and our very high continuing standard of quality. Employee secondment offers more creative and constructive opportunities than we would have expected.

In 2017, Netzerk-Pflege 24 became the outward presentation no longer fit our team and did not adequately reflect the level of quality and our ‘team spirit’. This fact not only placed us at a competitive disadvantage; it also led to growing dissatisfaction on the part of our internal and external employees.

Working as a team, we developed a new brand identity that authentically matched our values and the way we work.

As part of this, we put our vision down on paper: Orientation around and presence on the international market. Through our growing business contacts in Israel, we are passing our expertise along and offering exciting new possibilities. Other European and non-European countries will follow. This also includes our political commitment – German companies against BDS, based on the motto: No more veiled anti-Semitism in Germany; verified facts against falsehood and misrepresentation in the media.


We are convinced that we are on a very good path and look forward to the potential of a variety of possible arrangements.


Will you join us? We look forward to hearing from you!’




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